We've changed a few things...

You may have recently discovered the way you listen to your radio channel has recently become silent or has stopped working. We are fully aware of this and have been making big changes to remedy the issue. In recent months we've become increasingly susceptible to automated bots pinging our radio channels. This has created a situation where we've had to pay out exuberant royalties unfairly for their unauthorized use. We're taking steps to block this activity from happening further. One measure was to change our radio channel's stream URLs. Sorry, we hate to do it, but we had to.

A bit of good news! Most of you won't even notice any difference and can continue listening without any changes. However, if you tune in and hear nothing but silence, you'll need to take a few simple steps below to start listening again.

If you listen through a programmable internet radio system/receiver, you'll have to program our latest Radio Channel Stream (RCS) URL to activate. You'll find RCS URLs for each radio channel through our LISTEN page. Simply select a radio channel first, then copy/paste the updated RCS URL.

We are currently in the process of updating our .113FM App for IOS/Android with updated RCS URLs and with an updated Channel Line-Up. We hope to have this task completed by mid-December 2020. In the interim, you can tune in and listen to your favorite channel using your phone's web browser through our mobile-friendly website.

Other 3rd party radio apps and gaming software featuring our radio channels will no longer work until we can identify them and update them accordingly. We will continue to support and update various 3rd party platforms only if they conform to our new security guidelines.

We're here to help you get tuned-in and listening again. Please email us if you need further assistance or have additional questions.

- 113.fm Radio Support Team


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