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It's Your Music.  Your Life.

Surround yourself with great music, available anytime, anywhere in the world. We have you covered with nearly all music genres and styles from decades past through today. Whatever the occasion, or your mood, we have a radio channel to satisfy[1] your need for great music.

It's now easier than ever to tune in and listen using your mobile device.  Head on over to Apple Store or Google Play and download our free 113FM Radio app.

We also offer our radio streams on popular platforms like Alexa-enabled devices, Apple TV, Apple™ Music, IceCast Radio, iTunes Radio (Mac/Pc), Roku, SHOUTcast Radio, Sonos Wireless, TuneIn Radio, WinAMP player, and VLC player.



[1] Average hearing, or the ability to feel vibrations, is required for your utter and complete satisfaction.
[2] Download our free iOS and Android mobile app from your device's app store, or scan the QR below.


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