Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jan 13

1. Do you have a mobile app for my iPhone, iPad, or supported Android smartphone?

A1. Not yet, but we have one coming soon. Until then, you can use your desktop or mobile device's web browser to tune in to our radio channels. We recommend, Safari (iOS), or Google's Chrome (iOS/Android) browser for the best experience.

Apple devices (e.g. iPhone or iPad):

Currently Unavailable -- Available by Q1 2021

Android smartphones, tablets, or supported devices:

Currently Unavailable -- Available by Q1 2021

Q2. What platforms do you stream your radio channels?

A2. Our website is the most popular way to listen to all of our radio channels. You can easily tune-in and listen by using the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

If you have a streaming radio or receiver that requires you to manually input our stream URL, you'll find this information on our channel player pages.

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