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Updated: May 30, 2023

Primary and Secondary Streaming Servers

Last Updated: May 30, 2023 - Many of our listener stream URLs have changed and are now offline as we continue to update and change over to a new streaming server platform throughout this summer. We're revamping our website to offer the ability to listen to our most popular streams soon. Check back here for updates.


113FM Radio | Mobile App (Android/iOS)

Online and operational. ** Not all website radio channels are currently available in our mobile app. We are hard at work adding new stations all the time, and when we do, we'll update our Change Log below.

113FM Radio Network | Website

Online and partially available. We're updating our website, and the ability to tune in and listen to your favorite radio channel may be temporarily unavailable. Thanks for your patience while we continue to improve your listener experience.

Change Log:

Version 9.5.25b -- Added support for genre categories for the new Channels page. Added Alt X and Area 51 radio channels with a refreshed look. A refreshed navigation menu has also been added, making it easier to find popular features.

Version 9.4.06 -- An extensive overhaul of our website has begun with removing our website radio players. We're making our radio channels exclusively available through our free mobile app and select premium 3rd party partners. We're streaming our channels through Alexa-enabled devices, Apple Tv (2nd & 3rd generation devices), Apple Music, iTunes, TuneIn, Live365, Roku, and Sonos. We're also available on many 3rd party mobile apps that cater to great online radio.

Version 9.3.31 -- Newly updated mobile radio apps have hit the Apple Store and Google Play. Listeners can now tune in and listen using their iOS and Android devices with our new 113FM Radio Apps. If you register as a new in-app user, you can chat with our on-air DJs and access exclusive features.

Version 6.4.5 -- Updated our listener "Acceptable Use Policy" to include a strong message to any user(s) that "stream rip" our radio channel(s). We will proactively remove and permanently ban any user for violating this policy without notice.

Version 6.3.14 -- Updated all our radio players to support the encrypted and secure HTTPS (SSL) protocol standard. This fixed the issue with our players not working when using the Chrome browser (version 80. XX..) for some users.

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